Meetings Vow to Intensify Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement



Meetings Vow to Intensify Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement


Officials and workers in cities and counties and industrial complexes across the country held meetings to wage the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement more vigorously.

Reports were made at the meetings.

Speakers said that the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un’s historic letter “Let Us Achieve the Comprehensive Development of Socialism by Raising the Flames of the Three Revolutions More Fiercely” is a great action programme and a militant banner which made clear the fighting tasks and ways to bring about fresh innovations and change on all fronts of socialist construction by transforming all our revolutionary positions in line with the demands of the three revolutions.

Based on scientific analysis and appraisal of the prevailing situation and environments, the General Secretary clarified that the way for our style of socialism to achieve sure victory lies in bringing about a fundamental change in the realms of ideology, technology and culture by holding higher the banner of the three revolutions, they stressed.

They expressed their determination to conquer the high peak of the five-year plan set forth by the Eighth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea and hasten the victory of socialism with the tremendous might of the ideological, technological and cultural revolutions.

They called on officials, Party members and other working people to make efforts to bring about a radical change in the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement, cherishing noble loyalty to the Party and ardent patriotism, and thus realize as soon as possible the great ambition and ideal of our Party to bring earlier the victory of socialism and communism.

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