250-mile Journey for National Liberation Made by President Kim Il Sung


January 22 marks the 97th anniversary of President Kim Il Sung's start of his 250-mile journey for national liberation.

While studying in Mangyongdae to have good knowledge of Korea early in the 1920s, the President received the news that his father was arrested again by the Japanese police.

With a firm determination to fight to the death against the Japanese imperialists, he left Mangyongdae in January Juche 14 (1925) for Badaogou of China.

During his stay of two years in Korea, he witnessed ever-increasing army, policemen and prisons of the Japanese imperialists and their ceaseless plunder of wealth from Korea.

Witnessing such oppressive situation, he hardened his firm belief that the Korean nation could drive out the Japanese imperialists through a struggle only. His heart was burning with the desire to liberate the country at an early date and turn everything into the eternal one of Korea.

He arrived in Phophyong, Huchang County of North Phyongan Province on Feb. 3, 1925. Landscapes of homeland and foreign soil were reflected in his sorrow-filled eyes in turn.

Remembering that day, the President in his reminiscences "With the Century" wrote as follows:

"Picturing in my mind the miserable reality of the motherland, I made a grim resolve not to return before Korea had become independent."

He, who made a firm pledge on the bleak border between Korea and China to liberate the country from the Japanese imperialists' colonial rule, achieved the historic cause of national liberation on Aug. 15, 1945 by leading the anti-Japanese revolutionary war to victory.

The Korean people call the journey made by the President from Mangyongdae of Pyongyang to Badaogou of China in his teens the 250-mile Journey for National Liberation.


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