Economic Sectors Discuss Future Plans in DPRK


The light industrial and fishing sectors of the DPRK take scientific measures to contribute to the improvement of the people's living standard, true to the decisions made at the 4th Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea.

The officials in the light industrial sector come up with innovative plans to bring about an epoch-making turn in the development of the light industry.

New ways are under discussion to reenergize the production of consumer goods, expand their variety and improve their quality. And measures are discussed to produce new types of quality school uniforms and bags for all the students by the appointed date without fail.

Also discussed are detailed plans to increase the production capacity of light industrial factories through hastened overhauling of equipment and perfect the modern production processes.

Technical measures are taken to expand the consumer goods production capacity with locally available raw materials and to produce modern equipment in a larger quantity, and the issues of improving the local industry and foodstuff industry are under discussion.

The fishing sector pays primary attention to strengthening the material and technical foundations for the fishing industry.

Officials in the sector discuss the issues of conserving and increasing marine resources and conducting the fish farming and shallow-sea culture in many places.

They also work out detailed plans for stocking rivers, lakes and reservoirs with fry.


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