Warm Love Shown by Chairman Kim Jong Il for Soldiers


The world history of wars has recorded many famous generals and commanders, but it is hard to find such a great person who regarded soldiers as kinsmen and revolutionary comrades sharing the ideology and will.

Chairman Kim Jong Il had regarded the soldiers as his own children, and didn't hesitate to make a long and difficult journey so as to bestow trust and affection on them.

With the 10th anniversary of his demise (December 17, 2011) approaching, the people of the DPRK are now looking back on his immortal life with deep emotion.

When he came back after inspecting the post of the Korean People's Army (KPA) on Mt Taedok, commanding officers of the KPA earnestly requested him not to go to the forefront.

At that time, the Chairman said that his sons and daughters are defending the country at the frontline posts and he should go to the forefront to acquaint himself with the military service of those on the guard duty and encourage them.

With such intense love and burning affection for the soldiers, he visited military units one after another through lots of passes and sea routes and took care of their life with parental affection while going round barracks, mess halls, wash-cum-bath rooms, etc.

In the course, many stories about his parental affection came into being. Among them is a story about medical creams he sent to the coast artillery women for their chapped faces.

Looking up to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who is identical to the Chairman, the DPRK people are now picturing the benevolent image of Kim Jong Il in their minds.


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