Loving Care and Affection Are Treasure Peculiar to Our Country



Loving Care and Affection Are Treasure Peculiar to Our Country


Pyongyang, November 30 (KCNA) -- Song "We Love Our Country" reverberates far and wide in the country.

The song sings of home which is a cradle dear to every family that is harmonious being full of songs of children and tender loving care.

Its lyric lines loved by all the people in the DPRK clearly show the reality in the country where beautiful deeds of people devoting themselves to society, collectives and comrades are reported every day.

There are lots of women who became mothers of orphans and those people who got married with special class disabled soldiers.

Some people became supporters of a disabled teenager and lots of people offered their skin for a child who got life-threatening burn on the whole body. There was a university student who tracked down the owner of a parcel which he picked up on a train for years to return it.

There are numberless people who risked their lives for the collectives and comrades. These feelings and affection are felt across the country.

Slogan "One for all and all for one!" can be seen everywhere in the country.

These loving care and affection with which all people create happiness by pooling their efforts is the custom of the socialist country, a treasure peculiar to the country which can neither be acquired nor imitated by others.

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