At the Spring Site and Choe Ro Sa


At the Spring Site is one of wartime songs the Korean people like to sing still today.

The song, which depicts the traditional fine trait of army-people unity displayed during the Fatherland Liberation War (1950-1953), was created in Juche 41 (1952).

It shows the beautiful, noble spiritual world of the Korean people and the joy and optimism of the victors by describing in an interesting and artistic way the details of life between a village girl to draw water at the spring site and soldiers of the Korean People’s Army.

It was written by Choe Ro Sa, Kim Il Sung Prize winner, based on her eyewitness account.

She was a student of Kim Il Sung University before the war.

She studied to her heart’s content at the university, but she volunteered to go to the front as the aggressors provoked the war to deprive the Korean people of the cradle of their happy life.

One day, during the break from the march, she went to the spring site of a village, where she happened to see KPA soldiers washing their clothes.

She felt that the young recruiters were so clumsy with the laundering.

When she was about to help them, a village girl came up to them ahead of her.

The girl asked to help them in washing, but the latter declined her favour in confusion. The girl left the spring site after finishing washing their clothes.

The soldiers thanked her, leaving the spring site, and the girl waved her hands to see them off.

After a while, the march resumed, but she was haunted by the scene she had just witnessed at the spring site.

People help the soldiers and the latter fight to protect the former. We will surely emerge victorious in the war by virtue of such warm love and affection between the army and people.

Suddenly, an inspiration for poem came to her.

She wrote the words of At the Spring Site, which became a popular song among KPA soldiers at the front and the people in the rear, instilling in them confidence in and optimism about victory.


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