Indomitable Attack Spirit Created in Anti-Japanese Armed Struggle


Today the DPRK people are victoriously hastening the building of a powerful socialist country by overcoming all sorts of difficulties and ordeals in the indomitable attack spirit.

This attack spirit is based on the traditions of the Korean revolution created in the period of the anti-Japanese armed struggle.

It can be explained with Nanpaizi meeting that took place in 10-odd days from late November Juche 27 (1938) under the guidance of President Kim Il Sung.

At that time, the Korean revolution was faced with very grave difficulty. In a bid to ensure security in Korea and Manchuria of China, the "strategic rear" of the Sino-Japanese war, the Japanese imperialists intensified their "punitive" operation against the Korean People's Revolutionary Army (KPRA) while arresting many members of revolutionary organizations and patriotic people and viciously maneuvering to cut the connection between the KPRA and people.

To break the deadlock and bring the revolution to steady advance, the President convened a meeting of military and political cadres of the KPRA in Nanpaizi of China. At the meeting, he stressed that the Korean revolutionaries should adhere to the independent stand as the masters of the Korean revolution and the KPRA units should advance into the border area with Mt Paektu as a center to actively conduct the military and political activities in vast theatre, restore the revolutionary organizations and launch a vigorous mass political work.

To stage such military action in the homeland when the Japanese imperialists were making false propaganda about "defeat" of the KPRA was of weighty significance in instilling the confidence in victory into the mind of the people. After finishing the meeting in a forest surrounded by a large force of the enemy, the President marched into the border area on the shore of the River Amnok by leading the main unit of the KPRA. This march was recorded as the Arduous March in the history of the Korean revolution.

The Nanpaizi meeting showed the unshakable faith and will of the President to make headway against the manifold ordeals and difficulties with the staunch attack spirit.

With the meeting as an occasion, the faith and will of the Korean revolutionaries were further hardened, and they bravely broke through the besieging enemy forces and made a gun-report of annihilating the enemies in the homeland.

The President wrote on his reminiscences "With the Century" as follows:

I can say that the general direction I have followed through life has been not defense, but attack. Since I set out on the road of revolution I have continued to use the strategy and tactic of offence, always counter-attacking the enemy.


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