Achievements Made in Autumn Land Administration



Achievements Made in Autumn Land Administration


Many achievements were made in different parts of the country through the vigorous general mobilization movement for land administration in autumn.

At present, technical improvement of hundreds of kilometres of roads, dredging of millions of cubic metres of riverbeds, repair of tide embankments, land restoration, overhaul of sewage treatment plants, etc. were successfully carried out across the country.

Kilju County of North Hamgyong Province and Tongsin County of Jagang Province facelifted the appearance of streets by properly completing the repair of bridges and technical improvement of roads in a short period of time.

Cholsan County of North Phyongan Province and Kosan County of Kangwon Province finished such projects to prevent natural disasters as river improvement, reinforcement of embankments with earth and stones and correction of water courses, and successfully conducted such technical improvement of roads as building retaining walls and setting up safety and protective poles.

South Hamgyong Province, which had suffered from flood this year, completed the project for reinforcing embankments with over 680 000 cubic metres of earth and 72 000 square metres of stones.

Pyongyang Municipality, North and South Hwanghae, South Phyongan and other provinces, cities and counties took thoroughgoing measures to protect farmland from flood so as to ensure safe farming next year.

Meanwhile, an all-people drive was conducted vigorously to plant fruit trees and other good-species trees around houses in the countryside.

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