Japan Is Chieftain of Destroying Peace: KCNA Commentary


Japan spurs turning the country into a war state.

Prime Minister Kishida recently revealed his intent to specify the possession of "ability to attack enemy bases" in the "state security strategy". In a press conference following the emergence of the new Cabinet he openly disclosed his ambition to revise the present Constitution and the "state security strategy".

The Defence Ministry at "a meeting for boosting defence capability" discussed the possession of the "ability to attack enemy bases".

This extremely dangerous move aimed to secure legal justifications for making preparations for a war of continental invasion and to secure ability for a preemptive attack beyond "exclusive defence" can never be tolerated.

Because of its aggression crimes in the past Japan is obliged to stop all acts violating the principle of "exclusive defence" in the light of international and national laws.

But Japan, harboring the grudge for its defeat in the war, has gone desperate to free itself from the restraints of the current Constitution and the international treaty that denies its right to belligerency and the right to take part in a war and specifies its non-possession of combat capability.

Japan fabricated "security-related law" with the shameful alteration in the interpretation of the Constitution, thus enabling the exercise of the "right to collective self-defence". It also built up public opinion about the possession of "ability to attack enemy bases" under absurd logic that the possession falls under the scope of conditional self-defence. It even tries to include this in the "state security strategy".

Through the fabrication of all sorts of war laws and regulations, it rendered Constitution Article 9 virtually defunct and expanded the "Self-Defense Forces" into world-level armed forces through ceaseless arms buildup in breach of the principle of "exclusive defence". If this country possesses even the capability of preemptive attack known as the "ability to attack enemy bases", it means change into a war state, and rounding off the preparations for reinvasion which it has pushed forward century after century.

Japan is a chieftain of harassing peace which runs headlong into reinvasion, bereft of discretion.

The primary object of reinvasion sought by the militarist Japan is none other than the Northeast Asian region including the DPRK.

Incumbent Prime Minister Kishida before his assumption of office in April said that "in case the emergency that can come due to the escalated conflict between China and Taiwan puts Japan's existence in danger, it would be natural to counter it while observing the security-related law", only disclosing the attempt to use the escalated tension in the surrounding areas as a pretext for launching the continental war of aggression.

There is no vouch that Japan won't repeat its blood-stained past history as it categorically shuns the apology and reparation for its past, while eulogizing the past war of massacre as a "liberation war" and colonial fascist rule as "contribution to modernization."

The international community must be vigilant against Japan's militarist moves for becoming a military power that threaten the future of mankind.


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