Onsong County Telling History of President Kim Il Sung's Revolutionary Activities


Onsong County on the shore of the River Tuman in the northern tip of the DPRK is a historic place associated with the anti-Japanese revolutionary exploits of President Kim Il Sung.

In this place, the first Homeland Party Organization recorded in the history of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) was formed in October Juche 19 (1930). Its inaugural meeting took place in the presence of the President. The anti-Japanese fighters who became members of the first party organization had remained intensely loyal to the revolutionary cause to the last moment of their life, leaving indelible marks in the history of the WPK.

Many slogans written on barked trees in the period of anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle were discovered in the county. "Young General in his twenties appears in Korea" and other slogans show the county people's deep reverence for the President and their steadfast revolutionary mettle.

The county is also a place where the history of assisting the army was made during the anti-Japanese struggle.

In the first half of the 1930s, semi-guerilla zones came into being in broad areas of the homeland including Onsong, and revolutionary organizations in Onsong area aided with all sincerity the guerrilla army and guerilla zones.

In October 1934, the President heard a report that revolutionary organizations in Phungso-ri, Onsong County, prepared a large amount of relief materials, and took all necessary measures for carrying them safely. Hundreds of patriotic inhabitants turned out to carry the relief materials to the Xiaowangqing guerilla zone through the River Tuman by mobilizing tens of boats and 100-odd horses at one night.

Later, the President recalled that the Onsong people's assistance to the guerrilla army and base was a feat worthy of special mention in a history book.


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