Cradle of Future Teachers



Cradle of Future Teachers


Kim Chol Ju University of Education engages in bringing up future teachers for the secondary education sector in Pyongyang Municipality.

The university, named after Comrade Kim Chol Ju (1916-1935), an ardent revolutionary who fought devotedly for the historic cause of Korea’s liberation, is making sci-tech achievements conducive to developing educational work of the country.

In recent years, it is improving the quality of education to bring up its students into educators with an ennobling spirit and a wealth of knowledge.

It works out practical, comprehensive and up-to-date teaching plans according to the universal 12-year compulsory education and creates new teaching methods. It developed a program for making a visit to scenic spots in a virtual environment and manufactured various appliances and devices for experiments and practical trainings to be used in giving lectures.

Its new teaching methods have been widely introduced into many units across the country.

It also improves the guidance method of extracurricular groups in the secondary education sector. The instruction method of science extracurricular group, which helps students understand the essence and scientific principle of natural phenomena through various experiments and practical trainings and apply them into practice, is instrumental in cultivating their intelligence and practical ability.

The university has been highly appreciated in the national teaching competitions, exhibitions, shows and festivals.

It has produced several People's Teachers, Heroes and Labour Heroes of the DPRK.

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