Great Man's Patriotic Devotion to Building New Korea


The DPRK people are still remembering the fact that just after his triumphal return to the homeland liberated from Japan's colonial rule on August 15, Juche 34 (1945), President Kim Il Sung came to the Kangson Steel Plant (now Chollima Steel Complex) to meet its workers for the building of a new country above all, without visiting his birthplace Mangyongdae on the way.

In October 1945, the President, who had spent busy days with nation-building affairs, arrived at the fork to Mangyongdae on his way to the plant.

He got off a car and turned his eyes on the direction of his native home he had never forgotten even for a moment during the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle. At that time, he was deeply aware of his mission that he should translate the desire of revolutionary comrades-in-arms who fell in the struggle for national liberation into reality and keenly felt that much steel was needed to build a new country. That's why he headed for the steel plant without dropping in at the native home that he had longed so earnestly for twenty years.

At the steel plant, he shook the hands of its workers, who groaned under the Japanese imperialists' colonial rule, and aroused them to restoring the plant, saying that they are pillars and footstones of new Korea.

Inspired by the trust and love of the President who put forward the working class as vanguard in building a democratic country, those workers restored the electric furnace No.1 only in tens of days to turn out the first molten iron. And they restored the electric furnace No.2 in February next year and reconstructed all other production processes to greatly contribute to the cause of nation building.

The workers of the Chollima Steel Complex are now working hard to perfect the Juche-based iron production system in hearty response to the historic policy speech of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.


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