Defence Development Exhibition Draws Endless Streams of Visitors



Defence Development Exhibition Draws Endless Streams of Visitors


An endless stream of people visit the Defence Development Exhibition amid the growing public interest in it, an epitome of the inexhaustible defence capabilities of the great country.

On October 13, officials from ministries and national agencies, and officials and service personnel of the armed forces organs visited the exhibition.

Being briefed on the cutting-edge military hardware and combat equipment showing the rapid development of self-reliant defence industry, the visitors felt the great might of the DPRK and its strategic position that has been put on a new stage.

They were full of confidence in the rosy future of the country which will prosper under the wise leadership of the Workers' Party of Korea and in the victory of socialism, as they realized they were right while recollecting with great pride the days when they had travelled the road of fortitude in a do-or-die spirit for acquiring a strong treasured sword for defending peace and that it was the most proud and worthwhile journey.

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