Attractive Shopping Mall



Attractive Shopping Mall


The Shopping Mall on Ryomyong Street in Taesong District, Pyongyang, is laid out on the corridor-type ground floors linking the imposing 70-storey apartment building, the tallest in the district, and the 55-storey apartment building.

The four-storey mall has 20-odd shops, restaurants, exhibition halls, drugstore, flower shop, photo studio, children’s playing area, IT service centres and other facilities to provide a wide range of services to the residents on Ryomyong Street.

The shops in the mall sell a variety of commodities, such as manufactured goods, foodstuffs, building materials, utensils and tools, and electronic goods. Among them Maebongsan Shop and Ryonghung Silk Shop are always crowded with people who purchase home products of famous brands, including Maebongsan leather shoes, Unhasu cosmetics, Pomhyanggi cosmetics, yaksandan and kuryongdan (figured satin and crepe), and Taedonggang tiles.

Restaurants serve the traditional dishes of Korea like Pyongyang cold noodles and Pyongyang onban.

Children’s playing area is the most favourite haunt for children. A lot of parents and grandparents have a good time seeing children on fun and frolic.

With an extensive and beautiful scenery and favaourble vehicular access, the shopping mall lures a large number of customers from not only nearby residential areas but also other parts of the city until late at night.

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