Harmonious Whole of Party and People


Chairman Kim Jong Il developed the Workers’ Party of Korea into a Party that struck roots deep among the masses of the people and formed an integral whole with them.

He formulated the revolution as the affection for and trust in the people and thoroughly applied this conception to the Party building and activities. For him, the people were always a teacher, and their aspirations and demands were the starting point for mapping out the Party’s lines and policies.

He always stressed the need to build houses for evacuees first before building a power station.

In March Juche 95 (2006), he inspected the construction site of the Samsu Power Station. Noting that the residents in the area to be submerged should be evacuated after building modern houses better than the existing ones for them, he stated that our Party works for the sake of people and administers politics for them, so we should conduct all the work in their interests. During his inspection of the construction sites of Ryongnim Dam and Huichon Power Station in March Juche 98 (2009), he underscored the need to build houses for evacuees as soon as possible so as to stabilize their living.

He put it forward as the supreme principle of the Party’s activities to steadily improve the people’s living standards. Wherever he went or whatever he saw, he asked if people liked it and put their interests and convenience first in his consideration.

One day, an official received a report that matches were out of stock in a local area and jotted it down at the bottom of a document to be presented to Kim Jong Il.

Upon receiving the report, Kim Jong Il called him to account as follows: Matches and salt are daily necessities indispensable to the people’s living, but why did you write down the items at the bottom of the document? Any problems concerning their life and interests, be they big or small, should be given top priority. We should pay primary attention to the people’s interests and give precedence to solving relevant problems. This should be the order of our work.

He devoted his all for the good of people, regarding “The people are my God” as his motto, which is reflected in his slogan “We serve the people!” Under his leadership, such people-oriented policies for their wellbeing as the free medical care, free education and recuperation and relaxation systems have been invariably enforced even in the closing years of the last century when the country had to undergo the worst ordeals due to the imperialists’ moves to isolate and stifle it and the continuous natural disasters.

In the course of building and leading the WPK, he applied the political philosophy that the Party should become the mother to take care of the people’s destiny on its responsibility.

True to his noble intention, the WPK realized the people’s demands and interests to the full, sharing weal and woe with them under the slogan “Let the whole Party go among the masses!”

In faithful support of the leadership of the WPK that takes responsible care of their destiny, the Korean people have advanced socialist construction victoriously.

The exploits Kim Jong Il performed in Party building shine brilliantly along with the history of the WPK.

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