First Hymn Singing of WPK as Mother


In the DPRK, there are many songs praising the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK).

Among them is a song "O Mother Party", the first monumental hymn singing of the WPK as a mother.

The song was produced in Juche 53 (1964), the historic year when Chairman Kim Jong Il started his work at the WPK Central Committee.

The first half of the 1960s was a stirring period when a great change was taking place in the country's revolutionary development.

And the WPK was approaching its 20th founding anniversary. In those days, the WPK covered the historic course shining with glory that any other party in the world had never experienced, and made unprecedented exploits in the history of working-class part by leading the young socialist state and people.

The great change, which rid the country of centuries-old backwardness and poverty, exerted a great influence on the people's socio-political life. Witnessing the dramatic turn in their destiny, the Korean people came to keenly know for what and whom the WPK exists and serves. The deep thoughts and feelings of the people who perceived the truth of life that they can not live even a moment without the Workers' Party were led to the creation of hymn in praise of the Party.

In February the next year after the birth of the song, the Chairman said that the people entrust their all to the WPK, calling it motherly party and contained in this call are their deep trust in the Party as well as their great expectation that it would take care of their future destiny.

Though more than a half century has passed since the creation of the song, the thoughts and feelings of the Korean people calling the WPK mother and following it are getting more intense day by day.


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