Special Confections-Kangjong and Yakgwa



Special Confections-Kangjong and Yakgwa


Kangjong (fried glutinous rice cake) is one of confections which the Korean people used to make and enjoy on lunar New Year’s Day.

It is made as follows: Knead the glutinous rice flour with liquor and ferment it. Mould it into various forms before drying. And fry it in oil and spread glucose syrup or honey on it, and then popped rice over it.

It is also called Sanja.

Flour of Radix Angelicae gigasi, ginger, pine nut, sesame, etc., were also used as dressing materials instead of popped rice.

There are several kinds of kangjong according to its shapes, dressing materials and processing methods.

Typical of them are Yonsagwa with the shape of a spool, Kamsagwa put in colours and honey, and hard Pinsagwa, etc.

Kangjong was the best confection on lunar New Year’s Day, and it was regarded as a must food on the dinner table for a guest or a sacrificial table.

Yakgwa (fried wheat-flour cake) is made as follows: Mix wheat flour with honey, oil, liquor and ginger juice and knead it. Stamp it on a plate or cut it in a certain shape and fry it in oil. Preserve it in honey and spread pine nut and cinnamon flour on it.

There are several kinds, including mandugwa which looks like a dumpling stuffed with jujube, tasikgwa which is stamped on a plate, etc.

As it is well mixed with oil and honey, the cake is nutritious, sweet, savory, soft and crispy. It was widely served on the feast tables for a wedding ceremony and other family rites and on holidays.

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