Full Confidence in Victory Is Ideological and Spiritual Source of Revolutionaries


Rodong Sinmun Monday says in an article that the way for us to become the honorable victor by braving all challenges and difficulties lies in carrying on a courageous struggle with the full confidence in victory which serves as the ideological and spiritual source for revolutionaries to staunchly follow the road of arduous and protracted revolution.

The road of revolution is the one to be followed with faith and it is the faith that revolutionaries should keep to the death, the article says, and goes on:

The full confidence in victory is based on the belief in the validity of the revolutionary cause led by the leader.

Only those with absolute trust in the leader and full confidence in the validity of the revolutionary cause can invariably keep their pledge to the leader even on an isolated island.

The road of independence and socialism pioneered in Mt Paektu is the most righteous one for thoroughly realizing the independence of the popular masses and building a dignified country of the people, the most powerful country, on this land to be envied by the world.

It is the unwavering faith and will of our people not to flinch or make a detour before any difficulties facing the revolution.

The full confidence in victory is based on firm belief in one's own strength.

The belief in one's own strength brings forth guts and pluck of visualizing the victory in any worst adversity, but the disbelief in one's own strength makes he or she easily surrender even to the slightest difficulty.

One with confidence in one's own strength becomes strong, but one relying on others weak.

The 70-odd year-long history of our Republic is the proud one in which our people pioneered the path to prosperity with their own efforts and have made leaps forward, racing against the time.

Our country, which was gripped by centuries-old backwardness and poverty, could demonstrate its might as an invincible socialist state with tremendous political and military might and economic potential recognized by the world, as it has strived by relying on its own might with full confidence in it.

All the officials, Party members and other working people should turn out in the on-going struggle for the prosperity of our state with the firm faith that only victory and glory are in store on the road to follow the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.


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