Researches for Improving Water Quality of Pothong River Intensified in DPRK



Researches for Improving Water Quality of Pothong River Intensified in DPRK


Pyongyang, September 11 (KCNA) -- Scientists and technicians of the DPRK take sci-tech measures to improve the water quality of the Pothong River flowing through Pyongyang as part of the work for creating an ecological restoration model area with all-inclusive functions like water purification, flood control and protection of biodiversity in its basin.

Measures are being taken to complete the industrial cultivation of big azolla filliculoidas and its processing technology. The plant helps purify water and is proven to be high in economic profits. Steps for the introduction of the plant to the basin of the Pothong River are now underway.

Scientists set a place suitable for the cultivation of the plant and are now engrossed in researches on its processing.

They now hasten the production of a trial product after rounding off the technical preparations for designing and manufacturing a nano bubble generator.

After scientifically proving the water purification effect of a graphene photocatalyst net they are engaged in researches for introducing it to the basin of the river.

The development of an information service system for regular analysis and assessment of the water quality of the river and its comprehensive management is being conducted through collaboration.

A microbial culture technology for direct dissolution of pollutants in the water and a flocculant effective in improving water quality are also being studied.

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