Preparations for Distributing Leaflets Southward in Full Swing



Preparations for Distributing Leaflets Southward in Full Swing


Wrath and zeal for retaliating against the human scum and traitors for hurting the most sacred dignity of our supreme leadership and insulting the whole Korean nation beyond control are getting more intensive.

Our people's sacred war of retaliation for making the human scum bitterly feel what absolute inviolability they challenged has turned over to the struggle for distributing leaflets to the south in denunciation of the heinous criminals.

The enraged people across the country are actively pushing ahead with the preparations for showering leaflets of punishment upon those in south Korea who are bereft of elementary morality.

Publishing institutions are printing off leaflets to indiscriminately slap the south Korean authorities who have played on the hope and expectations of all the compatriots on the inter-Korean agreement with wicked puns for the past two years.

The indictments, which outspokenly disclose and slam the criminal acts of the south Korean authorities that have been forsaken by the public sentiment as they terminated inter-Korean relations and showed sycophancy toward the US, are being piled as high as a mountain, a revelation of an eruption of the Korean people’s will to imprint in the minds of the enemies how excruciating the cost of their betrayal is.

Students of universities at all levels are getting themselves ready to launch a large-scale leaflet-scattering as soon as the areas close to the inter-Korean boundary are opened and their entry into the areas is approved according to relevant procedures.

Every sin brings punishment with it.

Every action should be met with proper reaction and only when one experiences it oneself, can one feel how offending it is.

The south Korean authorities will face really horrible time.

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