New Programs Developed

New Programs Developed

Researchers of the IT Research Institute of Kim Chaek University of Technology are developing new valuable programs.

They developed a system of estimating the level of education which makes it possible to assess the work and norm of educational institutions across the country and grasp the details of education on a nationwide scale so as to take appropriate measures.

A multi-functional educational support program has been introduced in many schools, proving its worth. It helps a teacher give a lecture at any places and evaluate the cognitive faculty of students through online examination.

A software goods dissemination and protection system, comprehensive information service program, is designed to register and disseminate software goods in a unified way across the country and circulate many programs without delay.

A geographical information service system is much favoured by users as it helps them browse, retrieve and analyse various data on geographical spaces in different environments.

The researchers are also developing various programs for artificial intelligence, information retrieval, sci-tech calculation and realization of virtual reality.

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