Combat against COVID-19 Intensified

Combat against COVID-19 Intensified

The DPRK is intensifying the combat against COVID-19 in order to prevent the epidemic from spreading in the country.

Every day, ministries and national agencies are repeatedly explaining the contents of references to COVID-19 among its officials and giving intensive publicity to hygienic information at their affiliated units so as to make sure that all of them strictly observe the requirements of the emergency anti-epidemic measure taken by the State.

The bureau of passenger service in Pyongyang ensures that drivers and conductors make strict demands on passengers to put on face masks while giving wide publicity to the anti-epidemic explanatory notes through radio networks and televisions in the running tramcars and trolley buses on a real-time basis.

Ministries and national agencies have donated to the anti-epidemic units large amounts of test reagents, caps and gloves badly needed for the prevention of the epidemic.

Researchers and other workers at the High-Tech Development Institute of Kim Il Sung University, February 8 Vinalon Complex and Hungnam Pharmaceutical Factory made a tangible contribution to providing clean hygienic environment by producing chlorine dioxide water, bleaching powder and isocyanic acid chloride.

Provinces and municipalities are paying special attention to conducting medical observation and checkup for the travellers from COVID-19-infected foreign countries and local residents who have made contacts with them, and asking them to voluntarily turn out in the anti-epidemic campaign.

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