Natural History Museum at <nobr><strong>Kim Il Sung</strong></nobr> University

Natural History Museum at Kim Il Sung University



A natural history museum has newly been built at Kim Il Sung University.

Covering an area of 2 700 square metres, the museum is divided into 14 exhibition areas. On display there are specimens of fossil organisms, minerals, rocks, animals and plants according to the geological eras and the systems and orders of biological evolution.

Among them are over 3 680 gift specimens sent by the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il and Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

In the hall of fossil organisms there are over 300 specimens, including those of the first terrestrial plant discovered in the lower Paleozoic stratum, Archaeopteryx coreanica in the Mesozoic stratum and Gomphotherium yokotii and Mammuthus primingenius in the Cenozoic stratum.

In the hall of rocks there is the fossil of Onsongia sesonensis, indigenous to Korea.

There are also over 700 plant specimens, including an 80-year-old wild insam, and over 5 950 animal specimens, including an octopus caught in the East Sea of Korea (40kg), a Cetorhinus maximus (4.5t), a whale shark (1.6t), Salvelinus malma morpha chonjiensis (a 7.7-kg char which lives in Lake Chon of Mt Paektu with the height of 2 750 metres above the sea) and an Indian elephant which lived 106 years.

Also arranged in all exhibition halls and areas are various videos, academic diagrams and others which show various resources and ecological mode of organisms.

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