Japanese Reactionaries Hit for Hindering Inter-Korean Relations

Japanese Reactionaries Hit for Hindering Inter-Korean Relations


Pyongyang, January 26 (KCNA) -- Thae Chol of the Japan-Korea Interchange Association Friday issued a commentary to condemn the Japanese reactionaries for hindering the inter-Korean dialogue and the warming situation on the Korean Peninsula.

Prime Minister Abe, chief Cabinet secretary, foreign minister, defense minister and other heavyweights of the Japanese political circle reeled off the following vituperations:

"It would be a significant dialogue only when north Korea conducts concrete act of complete, verifiable and irretrievable nuclear dismantlement." "We hope that it would be a dialogue for conveying a strong message to north Korea." "The existing policy of pressurizing north Korea based on the international cooperation should be invariably pushed forward irrespective of the north-south dialogue."

Meanwhile, Japanese media have asserted that "south Korea is at the north's back and call after putting the pressure against the north on the shelf, it should not play in the hands of the north and south Korean people are growing increasingly discontent", in a bid to drive a wedge between the north and the south of Korea.

Japan has no qualification and right to meddle in the affairs of the Korean nation, and no one will lend his or her ear to the allegations, the commentary says, and goes on:

Nevertheless, Japan openly and secretly tries to lay hurdle in the way of the inter-Korean dialogue and the warming situation on the Korean Peninsula.

The reason is that the Abe group thinks that its political fate hinges on the inter-Korean relations and the change of the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

Historically, cunning Japan has drawn big benefits from the division of the Korean nation and war. So, it thinks that it will lose biggest ones when the north and south of Korea take each other's hand.

The Japanese reactionaries should admit that they are in a poor position. They should stop acting rashly, aware of the consequences to be entailed by their foolish acts.

If Japan runs amuck defying our warning, the Korean people will surely force Japan to pay a very high price for its crimes with their strong fists.

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