U.S. Racket for Stifling DPRK Will Bring It International Isolation and Ruin: KCNA Commentary
U.S. Racket for Stifling DPRK Will Bring It International Isolation and Ruin: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, December 11 (KCNA) -- The U.S. is getting keen on sanctions and pressure racket against the DPRK while terming its measure for self-defence the "threat to the world".

The U.S. government authorities including Trump, the state secretary, defense secretary and the U.S. representative at the UN are spitting out military outbursts against the DPRK and are pressurizing other countries to sever all relations with the DPRK including diplomatic, economic and trade activities. It is even threatening the capture of the DPRK-flagged ships in the seas.

This is the vivid expression of Trump's "lunatic strategy" aimed to exterminate the Korean nation as it is the last-ditch effort of those dumbfounded by the might of the state nuclear force of the DPRK which has the whole U.S. territory within its strike range.

The brigandish sophism that the DPRK poses "threat to the whole world" does not hold any water.

The world clearly sees who is the chieftain escalating tension and harassing world peace and stability through the situation of the Korean peninsula.

The massive strategic arms buildup in and around the peninsula, the moves for modernizing nuclear weapons and the arms sale pressed for by the U.S. prove that the story about "threat from north Korea" is just a pretext for realizing the aggression of the DPRK and the ambition for world domination.

Recently the American newspaper USA Today reported that the U.S. together Canada will convene a "16-nation meeting" of ally countries which took part in the Korean War in the past for the discussion of counteraction to tackle "threat from the north".

Clear is the aim sought by the U.S. in getting vocal about "threat" and calling on the whole world to counter the DPRK. It is to justify its hostile policy toward the DPRK and tighten the siege of international sanctions and pressure on the DPRK.

But such lunacy will only reveal the sinister intention of the U.S.

The newspaper of Chinese Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao in a commentary titled "Korea's completion of great cause of building nuclear force. Korea slaps U.S. in the face" said that what is beyond doubt is that the U.S. misguided Korea policy is the key cause of aggravating the situation, adding that Korea became to possess a nuclear deterrence as today which is entirely attributable to the U.S., and that the U.S. act boomerangs.

The Western media including those of Britain and Germany reported that Trump is imposing hard-line policy on the DPRK including freeze of diplomatic relations but no country is agreeing to do, adding that the policy of threatening the DPRK pursued by Trump is resulting in the isolation of the U.S.

Now is the high time that the U.S. lent an ear to this voice of the international community.

The more desperately the U.S. tries to "demonize" the DPRK, the more quickly it will face the responsibility for the aggravating situation on the Korean peninsula, international isolation and destruction.

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