S. Korean Authorities' Additional Deployment of THAAD Denounced

S. Korean Authorities' Additional Deployment of THAAD Denounced


Pyongyang, September 14 (KCNA) -- The south Korean authorities committed the additional deployment of four THAAD launchers and related equipment.

A spokesman for the Pan-Korean Emergency Measure Committee for Opposing Nuclear War Drills against the DPRK in a statement Thursday denounced the THAAD deployment as an outright challenge to the fellow countrymen including the south Koreans and the international community, and an unpardonable criminal act of pushing the extremely tense situation on the Korean peninsula and the region to more dangerous phase.

The U.S. imperialists have maintained their illegal presence in south Korea for more than 70 years with the help of the group of traitors who decided to introduce THAAD, nuclear war monster of the U.S., during the puppet conservative regime. This has provided them with the pretext for their permanent military presence in south Korea under the pretext of THAAD and inflicted huge human and environmental damage and massive economic burdens on the south Koreans, who now even face the danger of horrible nuclear holocaust any moment.

It is quite natural for the people of various circles in south Korea to vehemently denounce the present authorities for winding up the deployment of THAAD which traitor Park Geun Hye decided on, the statement said, adding:

THAAD additional launchers turned south Korea into the U.S. nuclear advance base and a nuclear war arsenal for aggression on the north and the strategy for world domination, making south Korea the first target of preemptive strikes and retaliatory blows just like a shrimp getting its back broken in a fight between whales.

The puppet authorities, driven into a tight corner being strongly denounced by the people from all walks of life and the public at home and abroad, are justifying the additional deployment of THAAD, describing it as the one for "coping with the north's nuclear and missile threats", but with no sophism can they cover up the traitorous crime.

They will be made to deeply regret that its acts of introducing THAAD of the aggressors while regarding the nation's treasured sword as a thorn in the flesh and regarding the THAAD as a treasure even though they would plunge whole south Korean land into sea of nuclear war would be a never-to-be-pardoned treachery.

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