Adoption of "NA Resolution" in S. Korea Derided


Pyongyang, September 8 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Central Committee of the Korean Social Democratic Party issued a statement Friday to denounce the south Korean ruling and opposition party coteries' farce of adopting a "National Assembly resolution".

In the "NA resolution" the ruling and opposition party coteries of south Korea called for "providing a proposal for more powerful and substantial sanctions through cooperation with the international society" and "for adopting a posture of counteraction based on solid south Korea-U.S. alliance" while branding the H-bomb test of the DPRK as a "serious provocation" threatening stability of the Korean peninsula and peace of Northeast Asia.

Ridiculing it as a senseless act of those taken aback by the detonation of the H-bomb of the DPRK, the statement says:

The test of H-bomb for ICBM amounts to the stern declaration of destruction to the U.S. going reckless, defying the significant and weighty warning of the DPRK.

The recent complete success in H-bomb test meant a special event of great significance in terminating the U.S. threat of anti-DPRK nuclear war and defending the sovereignty of the nation, stability of the Korean peninsula and peace of the region.

However, the ruling and opposition party coteries of south Korea professing politicians staged the farce of adopting a "resolution" going against the mindset and desire of the nation. This is a senseless act of those bereft of even an iota of national conscience.

Nothing will change but will arouse greater derision and denunciation from the public at home and abroad even though those coteries with their backs turned on the nation fabricate sort of "resolutions" tens, nay hundreds of times.

The south Korean puppet forces should face up to the strategic position of the DPRK and stop the foolish act of pricking their eyes with their own hands and be prudent with their mouths shut.

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