Kim Yo Jong, Vice Department Director of WPK Central Committee, Makes Press Statement


Kim Yo Jong, vice department director of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, issued the following press statement on Wednesday:

South Korean President Moon Jae In reportedly made an improper remark that "south Korea's missile power is enough to contain 'provocation' from the north", when inspecting a missile test-launch.

If the slip of tongue reportedly made by the "president" is true, it is too stupid one to be fit for the "president of a state".

We express very great regret over his thoughtless utterance of the word "provocation" which might be fitting for hack journalists.

We are not aiming to make "provocation" against somebody at a certain time as presumed by south Korea. What we did is part of normal and self-defensive action to carry out the key task for the first year of the five-year plan for the development of defence science and weapon system in order to implement the decisions made at our Party Congress.

Explicitly speaking, it is nothing different from the "mid-term defence plan" of south Korea.

If south Korea admits that the "mid-term defence plan" made public by it targets a specific one and it is an undesirable thing escalating tension on the Korean peninsula, we will have no objection to south Korea obstinately faulting our plan and related activities and will take it for granted.

To us, he is known as a "president" repeatedly calling for backing peace with a powerful force.

We can not but voice our great regret at south Korea's illogical and stupid habit of describing its act as a just one supporting peace and describing our act of similar nature as the one threatening peace. This raises our concern about the future development of the north-south relations.

If even the "president" supports the act of faulting and hurting the dialogue partner, it will naturally result in a corresponding action and then the north-south relations will end up in a total deadlock.

We don't want this.

Every word and act must be made with deep thought.

The "president's" job does not seem to be the one to make a "show-off of strength" that the south can easily win the "north".


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