Answer of Spokesperson for DPRK Foreign Ministry


A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA on July 15 with regard to the fact that the Japanese authorities made an issue of the DPRK in its "2020 Defence White Paper."

"2020 Defence White Paper" adopted on July 14 by the Japanese government at its cabinet meeting hurled a stream of nonsense on our possession of nuclear weapons, and went to the length of reprimanding us, arguing that it constitutes a new challenge to the neighbouring countries.

This shows that Abe regime has not yet discarded its bad habit of having used every opportunity to create a sense of fear across the Japanese society by exaggerating "missile threat" from the DPRK, thus abusing it for achieving their sinister political and military purpose.

The Japanese main purpose of having found faults with us in the latest White Paper is to legitimize its move for becoming a military power and dispossessing territories under the pretext of "threat" from us.

Against a backdrop of its expanded military forces, Japan has completely thrown off the veneer of "total defence" and is openly talking about possession of "capability to attack enemy base" with a design of pre-emptive strike. The countries in the vicinity of Japan are following this move with stern eyes and keeping a close watch with due vigilance.

The imprudent and extremely dangerous military move of Abe regime will turn out to be an ignition source of undermining the regional peace and stability, and it will invite a miserable consequence of hastening the fall of the regime itself like a foolish tiger moth flying into the flame only to perish.


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