Honeyed Words of Impudent Man Are Disgusting: First Vice Department Director Kim Yo Jong of WPK Central Committee


The south Korean chief executive finally broke his silence, amid the north-south relations inching close to the worst catastrophe.

At the meeting of chief secretaries and advisers of Chongwadae and in his video message addressed to the "commemoration for 20th anniversary of the June 15 Declaration" on June 15, he made lengthy speeches on two consecutive occasions.

He wore the tie which the then south side chief executive wore at the time when the June 15 joint declaration was signed in 2000 and spoke before the table which was used at the time of the publication of the Panmunjom Declaration in 2018 in an effort to give symbolic meaning but his speech aroused only aversion.

He reeled off a string of shameless and impudent words full of incoherence.

He spoke in the capacity of the "president" but it was sickening to listen to his speech, devoid of responsibility and will before the nation and direction and measures for putting the present situation under control but packaged in self-defence, avoidance of responsibility and deep-rooted flunkeyism.


String of Rhetoric Is profound Confusing of Truth


It is well-known to everybody that the blame for the present grim situation rests with human scum's scattering of anti-DPRK leaflets and the south Korean authorities' connivance at it.

The recent speeches made by the south Korean chief executive should have reflected his apology, repentance and firm pledge to prevent the recurrence of similar occurrences.

But his speech was full of excuses and spurious rhetoric to get rid of responsibility, without any mention of the means and the end.

He said that peace does not come overnight and it needs to maintain optimistic faith just like rivers heading for the sea in the end despite their curved courses, and that it is necessary to make step-by-step progress, though slow. He pretended to be a "dude" using his own language and narration and it appeared that he made great efforts to groom his expressions but question is if he knows clearly the essence of the present situation or not.

The anti-DPRK leaflet-scattering by rubbish and the south Korean authorities' connivance at it can never be glossed over with such abstractive rhetoric.

The fundamental issue lies in that the south side eroded the respect for the other side and confidence, with its heart set on it, which constitute the cornerstone and the starting point of the north-south ties.

They dared defame the dignity of our supreme leadership, our Chairman whom we hold most sacred as the central core, and mocked at all our people at the same time.

How can such senseless acts be interpreted just as the deed of "some", be described as an "uncomfortable and difficult problem" and be approached simply with "heavy heart"?

I would like to make it clear once again that the desecration of our Chairman, representative of our dignity, amounts to hurting the mental core of our people, and it is the ideological feelings of all our people and our national customs that this can never be allowed to be encroached upon.

Some days ago, Chongwadae officially admitted that the anti-DPRK leaflet-scattering was an act of good-for-nothing and pledged to take strong counteraction. It was because the south side was well aware of what a serious crime it committed.

But the south Korean chief executive showed no admittance of what was done wrong, nor any repentance, to say nothing of any measures.

It is only dastards who seek to shift the blame for which they are responsible on to others.

It is utterly shocking that such impudence and vileness was mirrored in the speech made by the man with the supreme prerogative representing south Korea.

He said that the south-north relations must not be stopped, but he did not make honest admittance of his wrong, a starting point for the continuance of the relations. He said that the south can be embroiled in unwanted swirl but failed to set forth any measures for stopping the reckless act of human scum. Clear is the aim sought by him.

It is his shallow and foolish idea to cover up the crime with word play and to tide over the imminent crisis.

Can the north-south relations be reversed with a few sugar-coated words when confidence was undermined and aversion has reached the extremes?


Shameless Sophism for Shifting Responsibility


The south Korean chief executive is the responsible party for hauling the north-south ties.

As the party who signed the historic Panmunjom Declaration and Pyongyang Joint declaration and who promised the destiny and future of the nation before the 80 million Koreans, it is quite natural for him to take stand and attitude of taking all responsibilities whether the north-south relations turn good or bad.

But a scrutiny into his speeches shows that he is entirely blaming other foreign factor for the north-south ties that failed to make progress.

He said that the policy toward the north used to lose consistency under different "regimes" in south Korea and the north-south ties fell short of making linear development in the turmoil of the international situation. But he should have been straightforward that they had actually done nothing in favor of the implementation of the joint declaration.

He meant that the reason that the north-south ties failed to make even a step forward was because of the internal situation of south Korea itself and because of the scarcity of support from the U.S. and the international community for it. This is just the same shameful excuse as the "theory of driver" often mentioned by him in the past.

He also said that "he feels great regret over the south-north ties that had not made progress as expected". Is it the attitude and stand to be taken by the so-called "state leader" to just express vague expectation and regret?

He also mentioned that what he worries under the present situation was if we would go back to the past days of confrontation while denouncing the south over the leaflet-scattering and cutting off communications, and he hoped that the problem would be settled through communication and cooperation.

It is truly sophism full of shamelessness and impudence.

Then, who has professed blind and dumb to our advices to adopt attitude and stand of a master responsible for the north-south relations and thrown away trust and promise just like a pair of old shoes?

Now they are trying to shift the responsibility for the results of their own making on to us. This is literally brazen-faced and preposterous act.

Paragraph 1 of Article 2 of the Panmunjom Declaration reads that both sides shall cease all the hostile acts including broadcasting through loudspeakers and distribution of leaflets in the areas along the Military Demarcation Line.

It is clear to anybody that it was responsibility of the south Korean authorities that anti-DPRK leaflet-scattering has been left intact, not just a few times but for such a long period as two years.

The height of his impudence was also found in his speech where he tried to convince others that the south made lots of efforts for the implementation of the north-south agreements.

Is there even a single paragraph of the Panmunjom Declaration and the September Pyongyang Joint Declaration which the south Korean authorities followed through on?

If any, it only read the face of its master and begged the international community. It is the height of meanness and craftiness, which would put even a fox in the shade, to describe all of them as "persistent efforts" and "string of communications".

He confessed that he approached the north-south relations just as he steps on icy ground and it was the south Korean chief executive who had no resolution and remained hesitated to do what he could surely do in relations between the north and the south.

History can never be written off nor avoid. He should have shown at least a stand that he would own all responsibilities. He is a man who increasingly arouses doubt.


Expression of Servitude and Submission


The south Korean chief executive let out thoughtless rhetoric that he would do something for the north-south ties even though "no condition is provided" while stressing that "north-south declarations are firm principle which should never be shaken".

He said that the favorable situation is not provided only by the will of the north and the south and he would make strenuous efforts to get consent by the international community. His spate of flunkeyist jargon glaringly revealed his true nature of depending on foreign forces.

Miserable is the plight of reading the face of one's master and being under other's thumb. Is it reasonable to hold out the hand of help to the robber under the present situation where the north-south ties have reached such a catastrophe as today's?

As acknowledged by everyone, the reason that the north-south agreements which were so wonderful did not see any light of even a single step of implementation was due to the noose of the pro-U.S. flunkeyism into which he put his neck.

Even before the ink on the north-south agreement got dry, he accepted the "south Korea-U.S. working group" under the coercion of his master and presented all issues related to the north-south ties to White House. This has all boomeranged.

The south side must have been clearly aware that their acts could lead to the wanton violation of the north-south agreement when they staged war exercises and offered money running at an astronomical figure for purchasing ultra-modern weapons on the order of the U.S.

But his blind creed that "alliance" must be put above the north-south agreement and the power of "ally" brings peace led him to follow the path of continued submission and shameless perfidy.

For the past two years, the south Korean authorities pursued the awkward policy of "precedence to the north-south relations and DPRK-U.S. relations", not national independence and put the absolute preconditions of "within the framework of sanctions" when they belatedly "offered to expand the scope of movement".

It is a tragedy produced by the persistent and deep-seated pro-U.S. flunkeyism and submission of the south Korean authorities that the north-south ties reduced into the plaything of the U.S.

What matters is that even at this moment when being mired in the quagmire, the south Korean chief executive shows his wretched image of catching at the coattail of outsider.

Even animals do not fall into the same trap.

He speaks out foolish spells little short of pricking his eyes with his own fingers every time he makes speeches. He seems to be insane though he appears to be normal outwardly.

Flunkeyism and submission are a prelude to self-destruction.

It is our fixed judgment that it is no longer possible to discuss the north-south ties with such a servile partner engaging only in disgrace and self-ruin, being soaked by deep-rooted flunkeyism.

Of course ideal is important for any politicians but they must have disposition of doing with determination what they should do.

There are some people who say well than doing.

Whenever he makes public appearance, he lets out childish and hope-filled dreamy rhetoric and tries to look big, just and principled just like an apostle of peace. It was so regretful for me to see his disgusting behavior alone. So I decided to prepare a bomb of words to let it known to our people.

Anyway, now the south Korean authorities are left with nothing to do with us.

Only things they can do in the future are making regret and lamenting.

The south Korean authorities will be forced to keenly realize how high price they will have to pay for discarding confidence with the passage of time.


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