North-South Ties Have Reached Uncontrollable Phase: Director of United Front Department of WPK Central Committee


Jang Kum Chol, director of the United Front Department of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK), made public the following statement on Friday:

There is a famous Korean proverb saying "To shut the stable-door after the horse is stolen".

This perfectly fits Chongwadae of south Korea which made public its stand regarding the scattering of leaflets on June 11.

Chongwadae finally opened a meeting of the permanent committee of the Security Council, breaking its silence, in which it defined the act of scattering leaflets against the north as an act of falling foul of the laws currently in force, and officially made public its stand that it would seriously respond to the breach of the law and abide by all the agreements between the south and the north.

Chongwadae which kept itself hidden behind the "Unification Ministry", panic-stricken over the recent incident, has now come to the fore and expressed its stand as if to make a "big decision". But this leaves us doubtful, much less convinced.

Their statement sounds like an apology or repentance, and their "resolution to take counteraction" sounds plausible.

But it is hard to clear the doubt that it can be just a brainstorm trick of Chongwadae to tide over the present crisis. Because its attitude of repentance is too timid, when compared with the gravity of the crime committed.

The south Korean authorities have so far been best at paying lip-service. They have availed themselves of every chance to unleash spurious words while reading others' faces with hesitation.

It was not due to the lack of verbal or written promises that the north-south ties have become as how they are now.

It was because they had no will to implement the words they uttered and the commitments they made, they had no force to carry them out with determination and they were weak and incompetent.

Now they barely put to use the laws that had already been in place. A new law touted by them is still far way off. Can we pin any hope for the law to take effect?

Had they been truly concerned about the north-south relations getting deteriorated, they could have made dozens of such laws for the past two years since the adoption of the Panmunjom Declaration.

Even at this moment, the conservative group of south Korea reproaches the authorities, talking about "low-postured attitude toward the north" and "submission", and human scum pledge to scatter leaflets again on June 15 and 25.

It doesn't stop daringly insulting and defaming the dignity of our supreme leadership.

No one can vouch that the south Korean regime would suppress its master's hindrance and control all sorts of trouble-making noise that is made under the slogan of "freedom of expression" at home.

Now Chongwadae, the ministry of Unification and even the ruling party are running helter-skelter, talking about "good-for-nothing act" and "stern counteraction". They say that they would check the leaflet-scattering by mobilizing the police forces but it is uncertain whether they can properly do their job as they fail to exercise even their public power.

They brag as if they have belatedly put the situation under control but such behavior cannot but be viewed as a stupid wordplay.

They scrapped even the north-south agreements and declaration the north and the south committed to implement with their hands held together and stamped seals after a word-by-word study before proclaiming to the world. So, no one will lend an ear to their honey-tongued language.

It will be most foolish for Chongwadae to calculate that it can calm down our people's rage which has erupted like a volcano with such third-rate farce and put the current grim situation under control with its imprudent words, and this will be another mockery of us.

The recent incident has smashed to pieces the confidence in the south Korean authorities that we have made so much effort to build.

Can there be anybody better than the southerners in talking big?

We really don't want to stand face to face with them as they often talk tall as if to achieve something great but fail in taking even a step in practice.

From now, time will be, indeed, regretful and painful for the south Korean authorities.


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