First Vice-department Director of WPK Central Committee Kim Yo Jong Blasts Chongwadae's Foolish Way of Thinking

First Vice-department Director of WPK Central Committee Kim Yo Jong Blasts Chongwadae's Foolish Way of Thinking


Pyongyang, March 3 (KCNA) -- Kim Yo Jong, first vice-department director of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, released the following statement Tuesday:

As the saying goes, a burnt child dreads the fire. This perfectly fits Chongwadae of south Korea when it responded to the firepower strike drill conducted by the frontline artillerymen of the Korean People's Army Monday.

The drill was not aimed to threaten anybody.

Training is the basic mission of the army responsible for the defence of the country and is an action for self-defence.

However, it is truly shocking to us that Chongwadae talked about "strong regret" and "demanded stop".

This amounts to a truly senseless act as they are actually stereo-typed words often parroted by the Chongwadae and the Ministry of National Defence.

Question is if Chongwadae has got anything to do with us whether we conduct exercises or have rest.

As far as I know, the south side is also fond of joint military exercises and it is preoccupied with all the disgusting acts like purchasing ultra-modern military hardware.

The unobserved deployment of the state-of-the-art fighters in south Korea must be aimed to attack us, not to scatter agricultural chemicals.

It is well known to the world that a joint military exercise slated for March was decided to be postponed because of COVID-19 rampant in south Korea and that such a decision could never have been made by the owners of the Chongwadae as they are indifferent to peace, reconciliation and cooperation.

We are so curious what the south side will say if we ask it to stop the joint military exercise which it is so eager to do, charging that it would be of no help to detente on the Korean peninsula.

It is really the height of folly that those keen on war exercises poke their noses to the military exercises conducted by the other.

They meant they need to get militarily prepared but we should be discouraged from military exercises. Such a gangster-like assertion can never be expected from those with normal way of thinking.

Such incoherent assertion and actions made by Chongwadae only magnify our distrust, hatred and scorn for the south side as a whole.

It is us who have to express "strong regret" at such incoherent and imbecile way of thinking of Chongwadae as it is guided by the logic that only they can conduct military exercises and others can not.

This might greatly offend them but to us what the Chongwadae has done is just like the one done by a mere child.

It is exactly the same way the U.S. does which is apt to making far-fetched assertions.

It is natural for south Korea to take after the U.S., as it has considered the alliance with the U.S. dearer than its own fellow countrymen.

If it is set to get down to doing anything with us, it had better be more brave and fair and square.

The south side's response is so regretful and disappointing but it is somewhat fortunate that it was not direct statement of the president.

How come can all its words and acts be so perfectly foolish in detail.

It could be a little awful comparison, but it is a frightened dog barking noisier just like someone.

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