Sci-tech Festivals in Full Swing

Sci-tech Festivals in Full Swing

This year, the Central Committee of the General Federation of Science and Technology of Korea organized over ten rounds of festivals and exhibitions of sci-tech achievements, 40 rounds of various seminars and presentations, etc.

The 34th National Festival of Science and Technology took place from April to May. Presented there were over 650 items of major sci-tech achievement proposals, 20 items more than the previous festival. About 550 items were appreciated, including the nano compound fuel oil additives from Kim Il Sung University and the introduction of underwater pump into the process of sulfuric acid production from the Tanchon Smeltery.

The 22nd Pyongyang Festival of Medical Science and Technology to mark the Day of the Sun and the 34th Festival of Science and Technology of the Academy of Agricultural Science were held.

The State Academy of Sciences and other 100 units took part in the 11th National Hypotheses and Ideas Presentation and presented over 500 items of hypotheses and ideas conducive to developing the core and basic technologies such as IT and bioengineering. “Information transmission method by making use of thunder sound” and “Bearing-free asynchronous motor” were highly appraised by the jury.

Over 100 treatises on the achievements made in realizing the modernization of fishing vessel and tackle and developing aquatic farming were made public in the National Sci-tech Exhibition of Achievements in Fisheries-2019.

Presented in the Symposium on Space Science and Technology-2019 and National Nano Sci-tech Exhibition-2019 were remarkable achievements for developing the country’s cutting-edge science and technology.

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