DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesman Issues Statement

DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesman Issues Statement


Pyongyang, December 12 (KCNA) -- The spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea released the following statement on Thursday:

The year-end time limit set by us is nearing but the U.S. continues to raise the level of its provocation against us.

State Secretary Pompeo cried out for thoroughly implementing the UN sanctions resolution on Dec. 10. The next day the U.S. held an open meeting of the UN Security Council, where it committed a hostile provocation again by pulling up the DPRK over its measures for modernizing its weaponry for self-defence.

It is a wanton violation of the principle of respect for sovereignty specified in the UN Charter that the UNSC with its principal mission to preserve global peace and security found fault with the measures taken by a sovereign state for self-defence.

This serves as more supporting evidence that the UNSC is no more than a political tool being used for the sake of the U.S.

We will never overlook such stance of the U.S. which played a leading role in an open UNSC meeting discussing the issue of the DPRK in a bid to incite the atmosphere of pressurizing it at this sensitive time.

If bolstering of military capabilities for self-defense should be termed an act of destroying global peace and security, there comes the conclusion that all the steps taken by other countries for bolstering up their defense capabilities should be taken issue with.

Such claim that they are entitled to launch ICBMs any time and we are not allowed to conduct the tests done by any other countries just sheds light on the nature of the bandit-like U.S. which seeks to disarm us completely.

The U.S. talks about dialogue, whenever it opens its mouth, but it is very evident that the U.S. has nothing to present before us though dialogue may open.

The U.S. talked about a "corresponding measure" in the meeting. However, as we already declared, we have nothing to lose more and we are ready to take a countermeasure corresponding to anything that the U.S. opts for.

By holding the meeting, the U.S. did a foolish thing which will boomerang on it, and decisively helped us make a definite decision on what way to choose.

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