S. Korean Military Authorities Urged to Stop Talking Nonsense

S. Korean Military Authorities Urged to Stop Talking Nonsense


Pyongyang, May 8 (KCNA) -- A spokesman of the delegation of the DPRK's side to the north-south general-level military talks gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA on May 8 as regards a litany of rhetoric from the south Korean military authorities over the recent just strike drill held by the Korean People's Army (KPA):

As was already reported, there took place a strike drill of the defence units of the KPA in the frontline area and on the eastern front in the East Sea of Korea on May 4.

The drill designed to estimate the regular combat readiness could never be called into question as it was conducted within the territorial waters of the DPRK under a routine drill plan of the KPA.

That's why the U.S. and Japan as well as the international community clarified the view that the recent strike drill was not a "breach of promise" as the firing of neither the intermediate-and long-range missile nor ICBM was involved in it.

Moreover, it was acknowledged that the flying objects launched in the drill did not pose any threat to the U.S., south Korea, Japan and others as they dropped into the KPA-controlled northeastern waters of the East Sea of Korea.

We could not but be surprised by the nonsensical story from south Korea.

From May 7, the south Korean military has let its spokesman claim that the "drill is contrary to the purport of the military agreement reached by the north and the south and it is a drill for an actual war that may cause military tension, and the south Korean military demands a stop to acts of escalating tension".

The south Korean military have no face to utter any word about the DPRK, the north-south military agreement, in particular, though others may fault the DPRK under unreasonable pretexts.

They staged a provocative combined air drill against the sovereign state DPRK together with the U.S. for two weeks with the involvement of a lot of flying corps and offered its land for their master's drill for deploying THAAD and also kept mum about the U.S. launch of ICBM Minuteman meant to threaten the DPRK. Yet, they are so shameless as to point an accusing finger at their fellow countrymen.

There is a saying that he that has no shame has no conscience. Feigning ignorance of what they did, the south Korean military are slandering our regular drill. We can not but be taken aback by their brazen-facedness.

The south Korean military seem to regard the combined air drill they staged together with the United States and the U.S ICBM as an acrobatic flight and fireworks, while the tactical guided weapon of the fellow countrymen a bolt from the blue.

We are worried about the weak nerve of the south Korean military abnormally reacting to the regular drill of our army.

Their reaction vividly shows how much the south Korean military are afraid of our army.

If the south Korean military were really astonished by the recent strike drill, they would have to fall into a swoon in case of a strike drill involving more powerful cutting-edge weapons.

The south Korean authorities would be well advised to look at what they committed to do in the north-south military agreement and to reflect on what they did before claiming that the strike drill "runs counter to the purport of the agreement".

Doing so will "discourage" them from taking issue with the dialogue partner and make them be careful of their speech lest they might be subject to a pelting rain of kicks and blows although they could feel guilty of their provocative acts of perfidy against us.

Before wagging their tongue, the war-thirsty south Korean military should understand that their military provocations that got on the nerves of ours in the past prompted our army to almost pull the trigger several times.

They should not forget that their double-dealing tactics of disguised hostility, to say nothing of the acts of undisguised hostility challenging the historic north-south declarations and military agreement, rouse bitter denunciation and curses of the whole nation.

They had better hold their tongue, mindful that their litany of rhetoric will be a laughing stock of the world people as they have no qualifications to say anything.

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