White Paper Tolls Death-bell for LKP of S. Korea

White Paper Tolls Death-bell for LKP of S. Korea


Pyongyang, February 24 (KCNA) -- The north side headquarters of the Pan-National Alliance for Korea's Reunification (Pomminryon) Sunday issued a strongly-worded white paper against the "Liberal Korea Party" (LKP) of south Korea doomed to the wretchedness despite their desperate cry for "assembly" and "reconstruction".

Describing the LKP as a group of rubbish with mean personality, low intelligence and double-sidedness in word and action, the white paper said:

With party conference approaching, they have now become violent in their dog-fight with Park Geun Hye, who had already thrown into prison after stern punishment by candlelight demonstrators, on their back.

Hwang Kyo An who recently entered the LKP eyeing "presidency" following the party hegemony openly defended Park, claiming that it was wrong to take all things done by Park Geun Hye regime as misadministration and evil and it was desirable not to debate impeachment any longer, heartened by Park's supporters flattering him as the "only person eligible for representing conservatism".

The LKP members have now gone desperate even by embracing military fascist murder and traitor Chun Doo-hwan, not satisfied with Park.

The LKP is made up of human rejects stained with corruption and irregularities.

It is none other than this group of matchless traitors that have become intent on confrontational racket when the new era of national reconciliation, peace and prosperity has arrived to be the first in over 70-year history of division, utterly displeased with it.

These guys faulted the historic Panmunjom Declaration after its adoption in April last year as "typical war and peace tactic", "discord in the south" and "strategy collapsing security" and the September Pyongyang joint declaration and the north-south agreement in military field as "agreement on disarming by the north" and "surrender document".

The die-hard conservative elements faulted every clause of the agreement in the military field and ended up in crying out for overall modification and scrapping. They slandered the agreement on turning the West Sea hot-spot waters into peace waters as "renunciation of the northern limit line" and the measures for the prevention of accidental conflicts in areas along the Military Demarcation Line as "breakdown of security and disruption of south Korea-U.S. alliance".

In reference to the October 15 north-south high-level talks held in last year, they have gone so mischievous as to call for "National Assembly ratification", grumbling that "railway and road re-connection cause heavy financial burden on the people".

A broad spectrum of the south Koreans now reject the increase in defence cost sharing as the one going against the south-north declarations and north-U.S. joint statement, and demand its cut-down, not increase.

And it is only the LKP group which reels off thoughtless words that the U.S. demand must be accepted, the issue of "defence cost sharing" is not just a financial matter but an issue of maintaining and strengthening alliance with the U.S. and one should not spare more fund.

Branding the LKP as a group of rubbish accelerating their destruction through scramble, the white paper continued:

Only garbage ground of history awaits the LKP, den of scarecrows absorbed in non-stop scrambles and meetings and partings only for power ambition, without any idea and ism, clean indifferent to the policy for the people and the nation.

Now the conservative elements of the LKP speak loudly of making the upcoming party conference an opportunity to get rid of crisis, but rose can never be expected from a garbage ground.

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