Traitorous Nature of LKP Indicted

Traitorous Nature of LKP Indicted


Pyongyang, February 16 (KCNA) -- The Consultative Council for National Reconciliation released an indictment on Friday revealing what the "Liberal Korea Party" of south Korea had done for the past 2 years since it has changed its former name "Saenuri Party".

The indictment said that the two years are characterized by crimes which betrayed the most despicable traitorous nature in the history of the conservative political parties.

It noted that the south Korean political history records a slew of criminal acts by the group of conservatives ill-famed for sycophantic treachery, confrontation with fellow countrymen, unpopular rule and corruption and irregularities but there was not such a despicable party as the LKP which was cursed and denounced by the whole nation for its huge crimes in just two years since its emergence.

The indictment cited facts to prove that all the conservative political parties of south Korea prolong their remaining days with sycophantic treachery.

It goes on:

In February, 2017 the "Saenuri Party" took up new name called LKP but nothing has changed in the nature of sycophantic treachery of the party as it has taken over the gene of the conservative forces.

At that time, the party actively supported the decision for the deployment of THAAD made by Park Geun Hye's menials including Hwang Kyo An, by taking the advantage of the chaos created in the political situation of south Korea following the impeachment of Park Geun Hye.

The coteries of the LKP fully revealed the traits of the top-class traitors in getting servile to the Japanese reactionaries, the sworn enemy of the nation.

The group of traitors resorted to the confrontation with the DPRK from the first day when it changed the name of the party, while regarding it as the only way out of the ruin to incite confrontation with the fellow countrymen and re-rally conservatives.

The ambition for confrontation with the fellow countrymen has never changed despite the dramatic change in the situation on the Korean peninsula.

The group which committed crimes against humanity is blaming others while raising the non-existent "north's human rights issue", far from making an apology and reparation for the cursed crimes it committed by turning south Korea into the worst human rights tundra and veritable human hell with unpopular rule and fascist dictatorship. They are indeed confrontational maniacs which would catch even at straw to scuttle the north-south ties.

It is the strategy for existence widespread within the LKP that one can survive only when one has to beat others and a key to progress and surge is to get possessed of the traits of lobbying and getting tyrannical.

In disregard of the economy and people's livelihood, the group of mad men whiles time away with political disputes, factional strife and scramble, styling itself the No. 1 opposition party and swaying over the south Korean political world. This only betrays the shameful nature of the backward politics of south Korea.

Whenever it faced denunciation and stern punishment by the public, it changed its name and kicked up the shuffle racket. This is the traits peculiar to the party of conservative traitors.

Today when the fundamental change has been brought about in the situation on the Korean peninsula and the north-south relations have definitely entered the phase of reconciliation and cooperation, there is no room for the LKP to remain intact, a party pursuing sycophantic treachery and confrontation with the fellow countrymen.

It is inevitable for the group of matchless traitors like LKP adding unpardonable crimes to what it has already committed, while going against the people's mindset and the trend of the times, to get buried in the graveyard of history together with traitor Park Geun Hye.

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