Press Statement of Spokesperson of Korean Association for Human Rights Studies

Press Statement of Spokesperson of Korean Association for Human Rights Studies


Pyongyang, November 4 (KCNA) -- A spokesperson of the Korean Association for Human Rights Studies issued the following press statement on Sunday:

On November 1 this year, the "Human Rights Watch", a so-called human rights watchdog headquartered in the United States, has made public a totally preposterous "Report" to the effect that sexual violence against women is widespread in the DPRK.

The "Report" issued by such a hypocritical human rights institution as the "Human Rights Watch", accustomed to getting hostile towards our country without any reason, is nothing but the most despicable false document on earth, a patchwork of pointless words made by a handful of human scums, to sustain their dirty lives, who did not hesitate to abandon even their parents and children after having committed crimes against their motherland and people; and therefore, we don't feel any need to make even a word on it.

The problem is that a big fuss is being made by the anti-DPRK venal mouthpieces at the same time with the publication of the "Report".

These abnormal and inflammatory words and deeds are shocking not only our people but also the world, as these are created when the climate of reconciliation and cooperation is prevailing on the Korean peninsula and efforts are being made for establishing a permanent and durable peace regime of the Korean peninsula and the region.

This is a part of political scheme fabricated by the hostile forces - who oppose peace and stability on the Korean peninsula - to tarnish the image of the DPRK. It is also an extremely dangerous provocation aimed at reversing the tide of peace and prosperity on the Korean peninsula.

The Korean Association for Human Rights Studies categorically rejects and resolutely condemns the anti-DPRK "human rights" racket by the hostile forces as a serious political provocation against our country and an unethical misdeed that insults the sacred dignity of the Korean women.

In our country, the women are exercising the equal rights with men, and a number of legal and administrative measures are being taken to ensure women's development and protect and promote their rights in all sectors of the state activities and the social life.

Nonetheless, the so-called "human rights" campaign made by the hostile forces spreading groundless false materials constitutes a grave violation of the sovereignty of the DPRK and an unbearable insult to the Korean women who are enjoying the socialist civilization to their hearts' content.

Since this "Report" is an undisguised infringement upon the sovereignty and dignity of the DPRK, the Korean Association for Human Rights Studies has requested the competent authorities to find out those responsible and their followers involved in drafting and publishing the "Report" and take legal actions against them in accordance with the relevant DPRK law.

If the vicious attempts of the hostile forces - who are hell-bent on the anti-DPRK conspiracy, trampling underfoot even the dignity of women under the cloak of "human rights protection" – have negative impact on the hard-won climate of peace and stability created on the Korean peninsula, the anti-DPRK human rights institutions and the hostile forces that are inciting them will be totally held responsible for it.

Timothe - France - Student - 2018-11-11
Western Imperialist always lie for their interests, Very sad to see that most of western people believe in their propaganda.
Booper - Pyongyang - TEacher - 2019-06-02
Wow. Great content. Fake news is everywhere
John - Pyongyang - Teacher - 2019-08-08
This is unbelievable that this is happening in 21st century.
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