Tok Island Belongs to Korea Forever: Spokesman for History Society of DPRK

Tok Island Belongs to Korea Forever: Spokesman for History Society of DPRK


Pyongyang, August 9 (KCNA) -- Shortly ago, the Japanese authorities made public the measure for implementing the teaching manuals to the effect that Tok Island is "part of Japan" for senior high schools to be applied from 2019.

The already-adopted teaching manuals say that Tok Island is "pertaining to Japan" and it is "illegally occupied".

According to this, senior high schools of Japan are to begin from 2019 the education that Tok Island marked as "Takeshima" is "part of Japan".

What is more serious is that the teaching manuals serve as the teaching guideline of the government which has a legal binding power and is surely to be reflected in the teaching program as a reference book for teaching.

A spokesman for the History Society of the DPRK said in the statement on Thursday that Japan's claim to "dominium over Tok Island" was a shameless distortion of history and a gangster-like move to grab the territory.

The statement went on:

Tok Island is pertaining to Korea as the Korean people have reclaimed and possessed one thousand and hundreds of years ago and all successive feudal governments of Japan have repeatedly recognized Korea's dominium over Tok Island.

As for the "admission of Tok Island into Shimane Prefecture" in 1905 which Japan insisted as the ground for the claim to "dominium over Tok Island", it was an illegal occupation of the territory as it is a criminal product of the Japanese imperialists' policy for occupying Korea.

Japan's claim to "dominium over Tok Island" is, in the final analysis, a move to revive militarism to legalize and justify the Japanese imperialists' occupation of the territory and an unpardonable move against history.

Historians of the DPRK warn Japan, the sworn enemy, against resorting to shameless move to grab territory, refusing to make an apology and reparation for the past colonial crimes and strongly demand that Japan immediately roll back a wrong decision to instill distorted history and militarism into new generations to come.

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