LKP Is Hotbed of Evils: CCNR Indictment

LKP Is Hotbed of Evils: CCNR Indictment


Pyongyang, June 8 (KCNA) -- The Consultative Council for National Reconciliation (CCNR) in an indictment Friday revealed the despicable nature of the "Liberal Korea Party", a cancer-like entity in south Korean society and a stumbling block in the way of achieving reconciliation, unity, independence and reunification of the Korean nation.

The LKP is a party of rubbish, the indictment says, and goes on:

It is made up of die-hard sycophantic traitors, confrontation maniacs and those involved in corruption and irregularities.

As for its representative Hong Jun Phyo, ill-famed for making up coarse words and as confrontational maniac, kingpin of corruption and irregularities and sexual maniac, is the same bete noire as traitors Park Geun Hye and Lee Myung Bak.

The LKP is the cesspool of human rejects including party spokesman Jang Je Won branded as "an ugly person spitting out excrement" for his vulgar language.

The LKP grouping worst traitors is a "traitorous party". It has carried forward sycophancy as its gene from the "Liberal Party" of traitor Syngman Rhee to the "Saenuri Party" of traitor Park Geun Hye.

By kowtowing to outsiders, this traitorous party has hurt the dignity and interests of the nation, and such an act has reached the extremes at the time of the LKP.

It has marred the achievements made at the Panmunjom summit between the north and the south provided with much effort and is riding roughshod to scuttle the DPRK-U.S. summit. A handful of the group of traitors reminds one of "five traitors in 1905" who sold off the country to outsiders more than 100 years ago.

The LKP is a "confrontation-minded party" staking its fate on division of the nation.

Regarding the fellow countrymen as the "principal enemy" and the "primary target of attack", the party fuelled the anti-DPRK confrontation since the first day of changing its logo, and such moves have become all the more pronounced this year in which the north-south relations have undergone a dramatic change.

When the 23rd Winter Olympics was successfully held as an event common to the nation, it held anti-DPRK rallies one after another, insulting the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK and burning its national flag and the Korean peninsula flag.

Its members even lied on the bridge where the high-level delegation of the DPRK was about to pass to take part in the Winter Olympics.

Such a confrontational act became all the more hysteric occasioned by the historic Panmunjom summit meeting and talks.

The LKP is a group of evils standing against democratic politics and finding its way-out in fascist rule.

This can be clearly seen in the fact that the group slandered the mass candlelight actions of south Koreans for new politics and new life and defended the fascist bosses Park Geun Hye and Lee Myung Bak.

Saying that "the president is by no means an individual", the party encouraged Park Geun Hye and joined the conservative forces' demonstration against her impeachment and stood against the mass candlelight demonstrations of south Koreans.

It even zealously defended traitor Lee Myung Bak jeered as "rat Bak" by south Koreans.

The LKP is a "corrupt party" and "perishing party" in which its members are backbiting each other.

Historically, from the "Liberal Party" to the "Saenuri Party", all the forerunners of the conservative parties of traitors gained ill fames for corruption and irregularities but the LKP has set a new record, earning fame as a "rotten party".

The LKP is a group of riff-raffs as it comprises Hong Jun Phyo faction, Kim Mu Song faction, pro-Park Geun Hye faction and neutral faction.

Each of them claims to be "authentic conservatism", getting keen on holding hegemony and expanding its forces.

The LKP will go to ruin any moment as it is fraught with internal conflict and contradiction just as the ruining family is frequented by disputes.

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