October 23, Juche108(2019)


May 16 Military Coup Criminal


The military coup staged by Park Chung-Hee in south Korea on May 16, 1961 was an unpardonable criminal incident orchestrated by the U.S. in which the south Korean military hooligans seized power by ruthlessly trampling down at the point of the bayonet the democracy which sprouted in the wake of the April 19 Popular Uprising.

It is the desire of the south Korean people to live in a democratic society free from outside forces and fascist dictatorship.

The south Korean people, therefore, waged a strenuous struggle against the U.S. military occupation and colonial rule and traitor Syngman Rhee's dictatorial rule. Their anti-U.S., anti-dictatorship struggle for independence and democracy reached the climax with the popular uprising in April, 1960 as a momentum.

The Syngman Rhee dictatorial regime was overthrown by the ardent desire of the south Koreans for independence, democracy and national reunification and their persevering resistance.

The U.S., however, instigated Park Chung-Hee, another lackey of the U.S. and military fascist gangster, to stage a military coup in a bid to bring the crisis of its colonial rule in south Korea under control and thoroughly fascistize its society.

Park's bloody military dictatorial rule that kicked off through the May 16 military coup was a horrible tragedy of history as it turned south Korea into a theater of fascist rowdyism and a tundra of human rights and democracy.

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