August 24, Juche108(2019)

DPRK Will Advance and Emerge Victorious by Dint of Self-reliance

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea with confidence in victory of the cause of building a socialist powerful nation will vigorously advance upholding the banner of self-reliance along the road indicated by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, irrespective of others' way and surrounding circumstances.

Our people turned out as one, regarding the leadership of our Party, which upheld the banner of building of socialist self-supporting economy believing in the strength of the people, as the eternal truth. The revolutionary fighting spirit of our people was the main key to the victory and glorious course of the DPRK.

Self-reliance serves as our invariable working method even now. It is impossible to talk about the DPRK today and its future destiny without self-reliance. That is why we vehemently advance along our own way upholding the banner of self-reliance no matter how the situation may change and no matter what others may say.

Nobody and nothing can dampen the strong spirit of our people who bring about happy future by our own efforts.

We can surely say that the DPRK will win victory after victory and realize our bright dream and ideal without fail by dint of self-reliance.

The international community will clearly see how the DPRK become a socialist powerful nation by its own efforts in the future.

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