August 19, Juche108(2019)

Art Pieces Dealing with History of Anti-Japanese Armed Struggle Led by President Kim Il Sung

Numberless masterpieces of national treasure showing the exploits of President Kim Il Sung, who led the great anti-Japanese war to victory, have been created in the DPRK.

During the anti-Japanese armed struggle, the anti-Japanese guerrillas and people created art pieces representing the great personality of the peerlessly brilliant commander Kim Il Sung, thus creating the valuable traditions of Juche-based fine art.

Korean paintings "Kim Il Sung, Tiger of Mt Paektu", "General Kim's Order Echoes through Valleys of Mt Paektu", woodcut "Commander Kim Il Sung Mapping Out Operational Plan", pencil drawing "General Kim Having a Talk with Village Elders", etc. depicted the great personality of Kim Il Sung in his twenties, who smashed the Japanese imperialists with his outstanding commanding art and superb guerrilla tactics in the vast area of Mt Paektu.

They also convey the proud history and traditions of army-civilian unity created in the anti-Japanese war by him.

After the national liberation, many art pieces dealing with the exploits performed by him for the liberation of the country have been created century after century.

They include oil paintings "The Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung Guiding the Nanhutou Meeting", "The Torch in Pochonbo" and "The Country Is in Sight".

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