October 19, Juche108(2019)

President Kim Il Sung, Peerlessly Great Man

President Kim Il Sung in his lifetime had performed undying feats for the victorious advance of not only the Korean revolution but the human cause of independence.

For that reason, statesmen who met the President highly praised him as the most prominent elder statesman, peerlessly great man in the 20th century.

In Juche 38 (1949), the President paid an official goodwill visit to the former Soviet Union.

At a banquet held by the party and state leaders of the former Soviet Union, Stalin in his toast lauded the President as a genuine revolutionary who led the 20 year-long anti-Japanese struggle to victory and devotedly defended the Soviet Union with arms from the invasion of imperialists in the East. And he said that the smooth socialist construction in the Soviet Union would have been unthinkable without the struggle of genuine revolutionaries like President Kim Il Sung, and proposed warm applause to express thanks to him.

When the President visited China in April 1975, Mao Zedong earnestly asked him to lead the world, saying that the world revolution and international communist movement were placing hopes on him.

After being honored with the audience of President Kim Il Sung during a visit to the DPRK in June 1994, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter was so fascinated by his personality as to say that President Kim Il Sung is greater than that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln put together, eulogizing him as the great sun god of human destiny.

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