july 16, Juche108(2019)

Hwang Kyo An's Reckless Act

Hwang Kyo An, representative of the "Liberal Korea Party" (LKP) of south Korea, is now inciting frontal confrontation with the democratic reform forces.

Condemning the forces as "tyrannical forces," Hwang blustered: "I will fight a fierce battle with them" and "I will fight boldly against them to change the world."

After deciding it as the operation orientation of the party to "check the left-wing forces", he is emphasizing the "policy failures" of the "government", touring each part of south Korea.

The public is condemning his reckless act as a political coup to play down the success of the candlelight struggle and to seize the "power".

What he did to incite confrontation as soon as he became the representative clearly shows his black-hearted intention as he has sharpened the sword to make a reprisal on the participants in the candlelight struggle since traitor Park Geun Hye was impeached.

His act also proves that LKP led by such a guy remains unchanged in its true colors as group of traitors.

When he, who had retired from the political world for a while, returned to it last year, the south Korean public warned of the consequences to be entailed by his becoming the representative.

It was because he was a heinous hangman and power careerist who held positions of minister of Justice and "prime minister", being supported by the most wicked woman in the world and enjoyed the reins of the dictatorship and dreamed of becoming the "president" after traitor Park was impeached.

The participants in the candlelight struggles in every part of south Korea chanted the slogans "Hwang Kyo An is Park Geun Hye!" and "Arrest Park Geun Hye, Hwang Kyo An, step down," which constitute a bill of indictment and the decision for Hwang, the worst confederate of Park Geun Hye.

Notwithstanding, it is a tragedy that the felon Hwang Kyo An who should have been taken to his grave long ago is still crying out for a world change only to enrage all the people.

Hwang Kyo An's talking about the "policy failures" and campaign to "eliminate the pro-north left-wing forces" represent an artifice to cover up the crimes of the conservative group of traitors and a blatant challenge to the south Koreans desirous of the improvement of the north-south relations, peace on the Korean Peninsula and the co-prosperity of the nation.

The reckless act of the conservatives to make south Korea a theater of confrontation again, crying out for seizing the "power" openly can never be pardoned.

Unless the reckless act is decisively frustrated, the achievements made through the resolute struggle of south Korean people will not be of any worth any more and there will be the revival of the dark age when fascism and injustice are rampant.

The south Korean people will wipe out mercilessly Hwang Kyo An who is identical to Park Geun Hye, and his group.

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