October 23, Juche108(2019)

Disgusting Scramble for Power in LKP

The political world of south Korea has recently been jibe-trading center owing to the convention of the "Liberal Korea Party" (LKP).

More than ten candidates for the representative of the party are involved in brawl desperate enough to call a dogfight.

Even Hwang Kyo An who tried to improve his "image" outside the political world joined in the scramble for power, which reminds people of a bloody fight.

South Korean media ridicule the party convention, a laughing stock.

Riffraffs try to hold hegemony over the party branded as "living dead party", which is a disgusting political cartoon.

It is reasonable to discuss the dissolution of the party as it is the one of conservative traitors that was driven into a ditch of history by a stern judgment by the people.

But LKP is holding the party convention for the election of representative. This is a criminal act, an open challenge to candlelight demonstrators.

The south Korean public ousted traitor Park Geun Hye from power and, at the same time, punished the party of the traitors through fierce candlelight resistance ever known in history.

However, the "Saenuri Party", a conservative party, renamed itself "Liberal Korea Party", watching for a chance to take revenge on public mindset under the signboard of "innovation" and "renovation".

The party has gone the lengths of claiming that the impeachment against Park Geun Hye was wrong, that it is time to regain the impaired reputation and that it is necessary to lay a new foundation to come back to power.

The ambition of the conservative group of traitors for the seizure of power has reached the extremes.

All of the candidates for the representative are the first to be eliminated as they took the lead in the confrontation with the fellow countrymen and treacheries at the beck and call of traitor Park Geun Hye.

They are involved in the dogfight to grab the post of representative, but they have the same final purpose, the return of conservatives to power.

LKP scramble for power, quite indifferent to the trend of the times and the desire of the public, invites vigilance of the south Koreans from all walks of life.

The conservative traitors are seriously mistaken.

Whoever holds the office of representative and any faction that holds hegemony are doomed to ruin as they go against the public sentiment.

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