May 27, Juche108(2019)

Japanese Reactionaries' Aim in Joining in World Campaign against Pirates

Shortly ago, the Japanese authorities decided to prolong the stationary period of the Maritime "Self-Defense Force" dispatched to Somalia until next November.

They also made remarks that they would take the best measure in ensuring safety of sailing in extremely important sea lanes and make a contribution to ensuring "peace and stability" of the international community under the pretext of the "threat from pirates".

The Japanese reactionaries are mulling making a condition favorable for realizing their militarist ambition for overseas invasion by joining in the world-wide campaign against pirates.

It is their ambition to remove the judicial and institutional mechanism limiting the military action of the "Self-Defense Forces" in other countries and go into free military action for overseas invasion anytime and anyplace.

In condition that the international community watches Japan very closely, the Japanese reactionaries act craftily to realize their militarist ambition by interfering in the world campaign against pirates.

For such reason, they made a "law for coping with pirates" long ago and are joining in the campaign against pirates in the African continent.

This goes to prove that the Japanese reactionaries engrossed in overseas invasion are mulling using the African continent as their theatre.

They should clearly understand.

Their overseas invasion will lead to the end of Japan as the Japanese imperialists met a bitter defeat in invading the continent in the past.

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