May 27, Juche108(2019)

Chairman Kim Jong Il Highly Praised by Russian Media

A Russian website and newspaper carried special write-ups to commemorate the 7th anniversary of demise of Chairman Kim Jong Il.

An article titled "Figure of a great man" was posted on the website Grifon Prestizh, with a portrait of smiling Kim Jong Il on November 19.

Saying that the world progressives recollect the valuable career of the great man Kim Jong Il with the approach of the anniversary of his demise, the article went on:

Chairman Kim Jong Il was a man who worked hard without rest.

His work time was from dawn to dawn next day and his activity sphere was everywhere the people live.

When he passed away, the world knew better about the sacred life of the great man who devoted his all to the people, seeing the Korean people bitterly grieved feeling guilty as they were unable to provide him with a rest.

He was the man who devoted his all to the prosperity of the country and happiness of its people with his view of life and philosophy to devote himself to the future like pure and clean snow.

The November 21st issue of the newspaper Nakhodkinski Rabochi carried an article titled "Song in Praise of Great Man", together with his photos.

It said that many foreign personages who were attracted by his rare wisdom, distinguished political ability and noble personality wrote books and created poems and songs for praising the great man with all their enthusiasm.


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