April 25, Juche108(2019)

 National Independence is the Guarantee for Panmunjom Declaration


It is about 70 days since the adoption of Panmunjom Declaration. This is the tip of an iceberg as compared to 70 years history of Korean division. But at this short period various field talks between Inter-Korea such as North-South High-level Talks, North-South General-Level Military Talks, Inter-Korean Red Cross Talks were held and the significant agreements were discussed. Also the measures are being taken actively to implement it.

Conscious of being its master of national reunification question, dynamic joint efforts between inter-Korea to implement Panmunjom Declaration sincerely and the achievements are the most valuable and precious, so that all compatriots hope to make still bigger success.

What is necessary for the north and the south to implement it sincerely in conformity with the aspiration of Korean nation?

This is the very principle of national independence.

The principle that must decide the destiny of Korean nation for itself is the consistent idea of Panmunjom Declaration.

The improvement of inter-Korean relations can never be achieved through the approval of others or with their help. No one will or can bring about the improvement of inter-Korean relation and the reunification to Korean nation. If anyone harms their fellow countrymen in collusion with foreign forces instead of the principle of national independence, inter-Korean relations can never be improved anymore. This is a bitter lesson taught by the long history of national division.

There is nothing to resolve and nothing to overcome that is impossible if the north and the south meet at any time to share one propose and combine their efforts.

In conformity with requirements of the developing situation, only when all fellow compatriots oppose control and intervention of foreign forces and dynamically make joint efforts to implement historic Panmunjom Declaration conscious of being its master of national question, the inter-Korean relations can bring about bright fruition.

Owing to the continuous maneuvers of separatists inside and outside, all the processes would never be favorable to the development of inter-Korean relations. However, though obstacles and difficulties stand in the way to the reunification of the country, no one can check their hopes and aspiration for opening up vigorously the new age of national reconciliation, peace and prosperity, and also no force can thwart joint efforts of Korean nation in the world. All the problems should be resolved by Korean nation itself.

National independence is the guarantee for peace and prosperity of Korean nation.

The pine tree in Panmunjom which covered the root with earth of Mt Paektu and Mt Hanna and soaked with water of Taedong River and Han River is still growing in thick verdure. This demonstrates the stamina of Korean nation.

All fellow compatriots inside and outside should thoroughly implement Panmunjom Declaration by consistently adhering to the principle of national independence, whose validity and vitality have been proved in practice. So as to do, they will hasten the new era of national harmony, common prosperity at the earliest date.


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