july 21, Juche108(2019)


S. Korean Regime's Silly Behavior


The south Korean puppet authorities made public a "proposal for independent sanctions on the north." They claimed a cap on major foreign exchange earner and expectation of effects, purposely timed to coincide with Trump's visit to Seoul.

This is the useless behavior of the nasty pro-U.S. stooges who could hardly live even a moment without outsiders' stimulus and may go to all lengths to curry favor with their master.

The puppet forces seem to be proud of the proposal, talking about its effect and contribution but their action is an absurd one little different from adding some drops of dirty water to a ditch.

They are zealously cooperating with the U.S. in the anti-DPRK sanctions racket under the proposal, only betraying their true colors as running dogs and poor servants of the U.S.

Owing to those traitors who do harm to the destiny of the nation in a bid to stay in power by satisfying the U.S. master and winning his backing, the danger of a nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula mushrooms day by day and inter-Korean relations are still in the mire of catastrophe.

The south Korean puppet forces will have to pay dearly for their unforgivable acts of confrontation with the fellow countrymen as they are only causing harm to the nation, zealously toeing the U.S. line in order to keep their dirty lives.

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